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Portugal Pure

Welcome to our website!

It's summer in Portugal, the season is in full swing and guests are enjoying it to the fullest.


All renovation work has been completed in Guesthouse Beach Break, with the wooden fence as the final achievement. The result is a warmly decorated surf lodge worthy of the name.

The mature garden of holiday villa Quinta Charlotte has been renovated, making it an even more pleasant place to stay. The old olive trees, fig trees and lemon trees steal the southern show.

Thanks to some minor interventions, Penthouse Puro offers even more contemporary comfort.

In short, every accommodation was prepared with love for your carefree holiday!

About Portugal Pure

Are you looking for a holiday home by the sea in Portugal? Then you can go to Portugal Pure! Whether you like an apartment in the Algarve, a farmhouse on the Silver Coast, or a stay in a guesthouse in a surf town with fully equipped apartments: you will find it all here.

It is here in Portugal that we, Kristof and Frederik, lost our hearts a few years ago. The whole story started in 2013 with the purchase of Quinta Charlotte, a beautiful holiday farm with swimming pool and phenomenal garden. Little by little we became more attached to the country and the culture. In 2018 we moved here. The start of a beautiful adventure full of rentals! With Penthouse Puro we obtained a beautiful apartment in the Algarve and in 2022 we finally opened guesthouse Beach Break in the phenomenal Peniche!

Whichever house you want to stay in, a wonderful holiday experience for our guests is always paramount. Hospitality and small scale are our greatest assets. You can also count on the authenticity and comfort of the charming homes, each located in the most beautiful places. 

Therefore: be welcome and experience Portugal!

Frederik en Kristof.

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